Release Tax Liens

Has A Tax Lien Been Filed Against You?

A tax lien is a serious matter for your personal or business finances. It is also a public record that indicates you owe taxes. A tax lien is filed with the county clerk where you operate your business or where you live. A tax lien can make purchasing and selling property difficult, if not impossible.

If you wish to buy property, a tax lien will lower your credit rating and make it more difficult to obtain a loan to buy a car, house or anything else requiring credit. A tax lien makes lenders believe you are more of a risk.

If you wish to sell property, a tax lien attaches to your personal property and real estate, making the transfer of clear title impossible without satisfaction of the tax lien.

You Have Options

Depending on your unique situation, a tax lien can be released, subordinated, removed or discharged without full payment of the underlying tax. Some reasons for relief include:

  • Successfully challenging the accuracy of the underlying tax
  • Uncovering procedural defects in the filing of the tax lien
  • Establishing alternative methods of repayment
  • Making partial payment to allow you to get a new loan

In certain circumstances, a federal tax lien can be withdrawn, resulting in removal from your credit record as if it has never occurred.

The Peck Group, LC, can obtain a withdrawal of tax liens for you. Withdrawing a tax lien results in many benefits, but is only available in select instances. Speak to our firm today to determine your eligibility for a tax lien release, satisfaction or withdrawal.

Contact An Experienced Tax Lien Lawyer

Each case is different and demands review by an experienced tax attorney. Let The Peck Group, LC, and attorney Jason W. Peck assert your taxpayer rights and determine if you qualify for relief. The Peck Group, LC, has helped many clients avoid tax lien through early negotiation and has helped others with discharge of their tax lien.

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