Many Atlanta residents may think that it is basically impossible for employees at the Internal Revenue Service to owe back taxes, fail to file a tax return or to be delinquent with their taxes in some way. However, that is not the case -- roughly 1 percent of Treasury Department employees, which includes the IRS, are tax-delinquent.

That is part of a tax report by the IRS that looks at federal employees and their standing with the government regarding their finances. The report, focused on the end of the 2011 fiscal year, found that 3.17 percent of federal employees are tax-delinquent (compared to 2.85 percent in 2010). That accounts for more than 310,000 people who owe a combined $3.5 billion in back taxes to the government.

So what can we learn from this report? Well, the most glaring point is that it does not matter who you are -- a flawed tax return can come back to hurt you. Everyone needs to realize that trying to get out of paying taxes or neglecting to file a return is not going to help your financial situation. It will only make things worse. The IRS will eventually discover what is up -- and at that point, they will have little sympathy for you.

However, there are still options for those who are tax-delinquent. The thing is, most people do not know their options. Contacting the IRS outright can help; but having an experienced tax attorney by your side is even better. You can work towards a settlement or a deal that allows you to pay off your tax debt in an appropriate way.

Source: Money News, "Tax-Delinquent US Employees Increased 11.5% in 2011, IRS Says," March 8, 2013