Just over a month ago, we wrote a blog post about how to avoid an audit. The most important thing to remember when filling out your taxes is that accuracy is crucial. It should go without saying -- but you need to make sure that your tax forms are properly filled out.

Now, if the Internal Revenue Service still comes knocking, you will want to speak with an attorney immediately. Knowing your rights in such a complicated field of law is crucial; otherwise, the IRS may determine things in their favor simply because you cannot or have no way of appealing your situation.

There is another scenario though that tax filers need to be aware of that can lead to an audit. Say you go through the tax filing process appropriately and you get a nice refund. Well, signing on to Facebook or Twitter and letting the world know that you just got a sweet payday could come back to bite you.

Yes, the IRS -- which can go to extreme measures to investigate your financial situation -- could see your social media banter and use it as justification to launch an audit.

It may sound like circumstantial evidence, but in many cases, that is all the IRS needs to begin snooping around. Again, the easiest way to avoid an audit is to make sure your financial house is in order -- but even then, there are some post-filing behaviors you can avoid that greatly decrease the chances of the IRS investigating your filing.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, "Want to avoid an audit? Keep mum on Twitter," Ed Arnold, March 7, 2013