Well, the tax deadline has come and gone; and with it in the rearview mirror, many people are now turning their attention to their finances to try and plan out how their refund from the government (or payment to the government) will impact their lives in the next few months.

For some Georgia residents, it will mean they have to cut back in certain areas. Maybe a few less nights out on the town because the payment they made took a chunk out of their "free spending" means. Maybe some residents can splurge on some new clothing or new equipment because of a sizeable refund.

But in the near future, tax filings could be even more important for federal employees than they already are. That's because a new bill is being considered that would lead to the firing of any federal employees who owe back taxes. It would also make any potential candidates for a federal job unqualified for the position.

The bill has not been voted on yet; but it certainly would have a serious impact on federal workers. It seems that such a law would place unfair penalties on employees working for the government. However, it appears the bill may be more reasonable than it first seems -- the bill will target "seriously delinquent" individuals, likely those that have a tax lien.

Tax liens can make it nearly impossible for a delinquent individual to secure lines of credit or purchase property. They have to be handled right away. Any individuals who owe back taxes or have a lien placed on them need to consult an experienced legal representative to help them settle their tax debt.

Source: Washington Post, "House bill would fire tax-delinquent federal workers," Josh Hicks, April 15, 2013