Two federal lawmakers -- Max Baucus and Dave Camp -- are launching a bipartisan movement to try to simplify the U.S. tax code. Their goal is to make tax filing a more expedient and simple process, while also bolstering the economy. The details of their plan are not yet known, and the duo know they are in for a tough road, as they describe their task at hand as "very, very difficult."

Both Baucus and Camp will leave their federal posts in 2014, so they are taking on this joint venture now while they still have a chance. They want public input so that they can craft creative ideas to simplify the tax code. Ultimately, some tax laws would have to change if Baucus and Camp are successful.

Obviously, this movement is in the infant stages, so it will be some time before Atlanta residents are affected by the changes, if any, that occur. It is good to note, though, that tax laws are always evolving and being updated to keep up with the times.

For those who are suffering with tax delinquency, or for those who have had a tax lien placed on them, it is imperative that you consult an experienced tax law attorney as soon as possible. Many others are in less serious situations following their tax returns in April; but they still may require help with a delayed return or a botched filing. If the IRS contacts you and begins to investigate your filing, consult an attorney immediately.

Source: Bloomberg, "'Max and Dave' Start Public Campaign for Simpler Tax Code," Richard Rubin, May 9, 2013