Facing an IRS audit can be a stressful situation for many people, particularly when it is not clear what they have done wrong or why the audit is occurring. Sometimes audits happen to people who have made a simple mistake on their income tax return, or sometimes because of a discrepancy between a tax return an income reported by third parties.

In any case, those who do face an audit often find dealing the IRS to be difficult, since the average taxpayer doesn't know the complexities of tax law, it can be a hard situation to navigate. In fact, some people facing an audit can resort to some unusual tactics to try to get a favorable result, but often those tactics are not effective.


One example of this comes to us from a case in which a man who was being audited went on to sue the IRS. He claimed that during his audit process the auditor sought sexual favors in return for consideration on the audit and threatened penalties if he turned down her suggestion. Instead of seeking outside help to deal with this situation, the man gave in to the requests. When he sought a remedy after the fact, the court dismissed his case, showing deference to the IRS and saying that the sexual encounter occurred off the clock and did not impact his audit.

While this example is rather unusual, it does show that trying to create your own solutions to IRS problems might not be the best option to resolve a tax dispute. 


Source: Forbes, "Not Even Sex With Femme Fatale IRS Agent Could Help This Tax Audit," Robert W. Wood, Sept. 5, 2013.