As the W-2s and other tax forms start coming in (or as people start gathering them online), the realization is setting in for many Americans: it's time to file your tax return. Just like any new year, there is a variety of changes to tax law that can make filing a little bit more difficult for some people.

Mistakes on your tax filing can cause serious complications, leading to an audit or unforeseen tax debt -- however, this doesn't always happen, and in a year where the Internal Revenue Service struggled to cope with the government shutdown, it's possible the agency is not as prepared for the tax season as they normally would be.

That could mean more clerical errors or ill-gotten audits that give tax payers much anxiety and stress. Don't forget though, you do have rights as a taxpayer, and there are often solutions that can be reached to help you out of your situation. While discussing your situation with an experienced tax attorney can really help, one taxpayer advocate is trying to bolster the taxpayer bill of rights to give additional support to oft-helpless taxpayers.

Few details are given in the source article itself, but the implied message is that the IRS is simply not equipped to handle the number of tax returns they are bound to receive this year. The advocate also implies that the IRS places its attention in specific areas, which undermines any "fair" process. Changes to tax law are inevitable, but this potential change could be a significant one for taxpayers.

Source: FEDweek, "Taxpayer Advocate Calls for Taxpayer Bill of Rights," Jan. 22, 2014