A man with residences in two different states gained internet fame recently when his daughter began sharing photos he had taken to prove his residence to the Internal Revenue Service in case of an audit. For people who live and work in two different states this can be a big issue, since double taxation can become very expensive. The scenario might sound unlikely at first, but think of people who travel often for work or who live on near the border of one state and commute across each day. For some, the distance might be greater and a second residence is required to help ease the burden of the long daily commute.

When this happens the IRS or state tax authorities may seek proof of residency to determine how many days were spent residing in each state so that the appropriate tax rate may be assessed. Without requiring such proof, people who travel often for work might try to file income taxes only in the state with a lower marginal rate even if they might not strictly qualify.

In this case one man took this need for proof to the next level, taking systematic daily photos with time and date stamps to demonstrate to the IRS where he was living. The meticulous record keeping included regular photos of him outside his home with the local paper, and photos of himself pumping gas in one state to prove that he used his credit card in a particular location on that date. The proof of residency gained national attention after his daughter created an Instagram account to share his photos, called “internalrevenueselfies” that became very popular. 

Source: Time, "This Man Is Using Selfies as A Weapon To Fight Off The IRS," Laura Stampler, March 19, 2014