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Atlanta Georgia Tax Law Blog

Do you understand the new tax law's effect on medical care?

It has been over a year since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 went into effect, but there are still a few changes coming. For example, the Affordable Care Act's shared responsibility payment -- the penalty for not having the right health insurance -- has been phased out starting this year.

The individual mandate that you have at least minimal health insurance is still in effect, but the penalty has been removed. Some states still have penalties similar to the federal one, but Georgia does not.

3 penalties you may face for not filing a tax return

Filing a tax return may feel like a drag, especially if you believe you owe the government money. Perhaps you paid too little on purpose because you needed the cash in your account. No matter the reason, you are not in a rush to prepare that return.

What happens if you decide to skip out on filing a tax return? Whether your reason is to hide from a looming tax bill or simply that you do not think you should have to file, you may find yourself with some serious problems should you not file. These are just three examples of what may happen if you fail to file an income tax return timely.

Failed to report cryptocurrency investments? You could owe taxes

Late last month, the IRS began sending letters to over 10,000 cryptocurrency investors warning them that they may owe taxes on their crypto gains. Whether you received a letter or not, you should be aware that cryptocurrency tax compliance is currently a top priority for the IRS.

In fact, the chief of the IRS's criminal division has said that cryptocurrencies are a "significant threat" to tax collection. He indicated that the IRS plans to begin pursuing criminal tax evasion cases against those who refuse to pony up.

New state tax credit for teaching physicians now in effect

In response to a shortage of primary care professionals across the state, the Georgia legislature recently made changes to the tax code to further incentivize students and professionals in the area. HB 287, which took effect on July 1, 2019, removes income tax deductions for certain physicians serving as community-based faculty physicians – while creating new tax credits at the same time.

Taxes 101 as a freelancer

If you work as a freelancer in Georgia, you are in charge of handling your taxes. You do not have an employer to do so for you. Understanding the ins and outs of freelancer tax laws, therefore, is critical if you wish to avoid penalties from the IRS.

Doing your taxes as a freelancer does not have to be overwhelming. 

Will the marriage tax penalty affect you this year?

If you thought you would get a tax break when you got married, think again. Unfortunately for many couples, making it official results in a marriage penalty rather than a bonus come tax time.

When two people with equal incomes marry and file jointly, they may face a tax penalty depending on the level of income. The IRS can demand as much as 12% of the pair's income as a marriage penalty.

Tips for handling a correspondence audit

A “correspondence audit” is conducted via mail, rather than by requiring someone to meet with an IRS officer. The IRS sends a letter, usually a CP2000 Notice, saying the information it has on file does not match the information reported on someone’s tax return. In many cases, this happens due to a simple mistake. Someone accidentally under-reports their income or over-reports expenses.

How to get the most out of your taxes by planning ahead

Many people spend little time thinking about their taxes before W-2s start coming in the mail. However, the more diversified your assets become the more important it is to create a tax plan for your finances. For those looking to make the most out of their income and reduce their tax liability, consider these tips:

How contractor misclassification can impact your business

Many businesses hire workers as independent contractors, rather than full-time employees, to reduce costs. However, the rules that govern whether someone is a contractor or employee examine factors of the person’s work environment – not what the company calls them. As we have seen with companies like Uber, the answer is not always cut and dried, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

Today we cover the essential aspects of correctly classifying workers and what can happen if employees are misclassified.  

How will state tax matters affect your new corporation?

Let us say you have recently formed a corporation: It is a very busy and exciting time for you and your staff.

While up-to-date on federal tax matters, you are not yet familiar with the corporate tax requirements of the state of Georgia. Here is a review of the basics.

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