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What are estimated taxes?

For most Georgia residents, every pay period comes with a reminder that the federal government is taxing their wages through withholdings. When an individual looks at their pay stub, they may see that a portion of their income or wages has been deducted from their...

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Three facts to know about estate taxes

The death of a loved one can be a difficult and stressful time. In addition to the many emotions that a Georgia resident may have to cope with, they may also have to deal with their deceased love one’s estate and financial concerns. Depending on the value of the...

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3 common IRS audit triggers

The word "audit" strikes a fear in many taxpayers in Georgia and throughout the country, but the chances of an audit remain low at .04% out of all tax returns. Sometimes, the IRS checks for accuracy and fraud if the organization suspects it. However, one error on a...

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How much should you be saving for taxes?

If you're an independent contractor, then you have one thing to remember: You have to save money for your taxes. It's easy to spend all the money you have coming in, but you should be saving enough money to pay your taxes quarterly or yearly, depending on how much you...

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IRS underpayment: penalties you may face

One of the rules that the IRS has in regards to taxes is that everyone in Georgia and around the nation must pay their federal income tax throughout the year. Some workers may already have these taxes withheld from their paycheck while others who are self-employed may...

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Tips for avoiding audits after moving

Moving to Georgia may help to save money on income and other types of taxes. However, it is critical to establish residency in the state if you wish to take advantage of its tax rules. If you are considered a resident of another state, you may be required to file a...

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