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Atlanta Georgia Tax Law Blog

How contractor misclassification can impact your business

Many businesses hire workers as independent contractors, rather than full-time employees, to reduce costs. However, the rules that govern whether someone is a contractor or employee examine factors of the person’s work environment – not what the company calls them. As we have seen with companies like Uber, the answer is not always cut and dried, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

Today we cover the essential aspects of correctly classifying workers and what can happen if employees are misclassified.  

How will state tax matters affect your new corporation?

Let us say you have recently formed a corporation: It is a very busy and exciting time for you and your staff.

While up-to-date on federal tax matters, you are not yet familiar with the corporate tax requirements of the state of Georgia. Here is a review of the basics.

Pay off taxes over time with an IRS installment plan

Many people found themselves facing a hefty tax bill from the IRS this year. And for some, paying the full amount up front was simply not possible. Luckily, the IRS offers repayment plan options to deal with this challenge.

An IRS installment plan helps to avoid collections actions and spread out payments on your tax debt. 

Do you qualify for a reasonable cause penalty abatement? Part 1

Living in Georgia means taxes are unavoidable. Filing all appropriate returns on time and paying what is owed is usually enough to keep most individuals off the IRS’ radar. However, if you have trouble paying your taxes, have fallen on hard times or have encountered some circumstances that have kept you from honoring your tax obligations in a timely manner, you could end up with a higher tax bill due to the accrual of interest and penalties

Fortunately, the IRS understands that life happens. There are solutions for people who find themselves in trouble with their taxes to help mitigate their situations. One is the reasonable cause penalty abatement. Not everyone who thinks they should qualify does. Here is a brief overview of how death and illness affect eligibility. 

3 tax issues to watch out for in the future

Now that the flurry of tax season is over, it is time to take a look forward. While you may have gotten your taxes done with few issues that good fortune may not continue.

In the current political landscape with the potential for tax code to change, it is a good idea to look at some of the common tax issues that crop up. Familiarize yourself with the three examples below so you know when to ask for help.

What a tax lien means for your business, and how to get rid of it

Tax liens complicate both business and personal finances. Efforts to obtain new property, sell property or open new lines of credit suffer when a tax lien exists on your business assets. The first step to addressing this issue is understanding what a tax lien is. Then, you can decide the best way to resolve it. 

What you can do about tax-related identity theft

Identity theft remains one of the most widespread threats to everyday people in the United States today. But while many people take steps to protect their credit card numbers, they may not know what to do about tax-related identity theft – or how it happens.

One of the ways identity thieves take advantage of personal information is by filing fraudulent tax returns. Using someone’s Social Security Number, these thieves can intercept tax refunds and cause problems with the IRS.

What is the Earned Income Tax Credit, and do I qualify?

For working-class Americans such as you, tax season can be very confusing. With all the expenses that come from everyday life, you might be worried about owing the IRS money in the end. Not knowing what your tax return will look like can be overwhelming.

That’s why you should pursue every tax credit and deduction possible. One credit you may not realize you qualify for is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Three things you can do to protect yourself in an audit

Few people enjoy filing their taxes. Even fewer look forward to the possibility of an audit. But unfortunately, anyone can find themselves randomly chosen to have their financial records pored over by the IRS or the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Here are three ways you can protect your rights and have a better chance of getting through an audit unscathed:

Beware micro-captive insurance company promoters

Many honest businesses take advantage of forming their own insurance companies. Called a "captive insurance company," this arrangement is legal. It helps companies obtain insurance for a unique type of business risk that makes standard insurance either unaffordable or hard to find.

Smaller businesses are also allowed the option to form their own insurance companies. The name "micro-captives" given to these insurance companies indicates the lesser size of their formation businesses.

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