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Gathering your tax documents to file your return

It may be only February, but tax season is officially upon us. By now, you should have received all of your relevant tax documentation to file your tax return for the past year.

The April 15 deadline may still be a long way off, but as we’ve discussed previously, there are significant advantages to filing early. In today’s post, we outline the tax forms you should have received by now.

Common tax mistakes for independent contractors

More Americans than ever before have begun to work as independent contractors. In 2018, the Labor Department reported that approximately one out of every 10 workers in the United States qualified as an independent contractor. 

Independent contractors have different tax considerations to make that differ significantly from regular employees. It is easy to make a mistake, especially if this will be your first year filing with this status. To avoid an audit or paying a ton of money in penalty fees, avoid these common tax mistakes. 

How Atlanta is using taxes to fund the Super Bowl

Anticipation mounts as Atlanta gears up to host Super Bowl LIII on Sunday. The city is spending upwards of $46 million dollars on the event—in addition to $200 million spent to build the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the game will take place. Much of this funding comes from taxpayer dollars.

In today’s post, we examine some of the core taxes that will cover Super Bowl costs—as well as the city’s missed opportunities for income generation.

Miscalculating overtime and other payroll errors to avoid

Let us say you are a new business owner with several employees. You try to follow the IRS's guidelines concerning timely payroll deposits.

You do your best to absorb pertinent information, but you grow concerned about making payroll mistakes. Here are three errors to avoid.

IRS employees return to work without pay

The record-long partial government shutdown has been going on for nearly a month. More than 800,000 government employees are either furloughed or working without pay. But the shutdown is affecting far more people than just these workers. Americans across the country are experiencing the ripple effect of suspended government operations.

Most IRS operations have been halted. This has led to homebuyers being restricted from purchasing houses—since mortgage lenders rely on the IRS to verify any borrower’s income. And with tax season just around the corner—not to mention the extreme complication and confusion expected from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—the administration has decided to bring back some IRS operations.

Are you at risk for an IRS audit?

You may have heard about a tax audit and what it involves, but do you know if you yourself may be at risk for one? Many people do not know the basics of what the IRS looks for when conducting an audit, or why and how it selects certain taxpayers for audits.

When you learn more about the IRS audit system, you can also take steps to proactively ensure the IRS does not target you for an audit. While you may not able to avoid an audit entirely, by putting certain practices into place in terms of your tax filing, you can set yourself on a path to ensure you do not unintentionally commit tax fraud.

4 reasons it can pay to file your tax return early

The new year is upon us. You may be just coming out of your turkey coma or focusing on your near year’s goal of shedding those extra holiday pounds. While April 15 may still be a long way off—and preparing your tax return is never a task you look forward to—there are several reasons that filing early can provide serious benefits for you in the long run:

Lower your chances of identity theft

How to deduct your losses following Hurricane Michael

When Hurricane Michael tore through the southeastern part of the country earlier this year, it left many communities devastated. In Georgia, 69 counties were hit particularly hard—and are therefore eligible for certain benefits.

In a previous post, we discussed the various tax deadline extensions that Georgia’s hurricane victims can receive. In this article, we provide further information on how victims can deduct their hurricane-related losses.

4 ways to show that your workers are independent contractors

As a small-business owner, one of the biggest tax mistakes you can make - other than not filing them at all - is to misclassify your employees as independent contractors. While you must withhold taxes for employees, independent contractors pay self-employment taxes.

The IRS takes misclassification seriously, but the rules can seem vague, and usually the decision boils down to the specific circumstances of the case. What can you do to help ensure the IRS will agree that your workers are self-employed?

5 tips for small business owners to avoid tax mistakes

One of the most unpleasant aspects of running a business is filing taxes. Doing it properly, however, is imperative in avoiding an audit and penalties.

This entails more than just reporting all your income and filing on time. In addition, follow these five tips to prevent making a costly mistake.

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