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3 common IRS audit triggers

The word "audit" strikes a fear in many taxpayers in Georgia and throughout the country, but the chances of an audit remain low at .04% out of all tax returns. Sometimes, the IRS checks for accuracy and fraud if the organization suspects it. However, one error on a...

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Tips for avoiding audits after moving

Moving to Georgia may help to save money on income and other types of taxes. However, it is critical to establish residency in the state if you wish to take advantage of its tax rules. If you are considered a resident of another state, you may be required to file a...

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Tax audits vary greatly in seriousness

Opening the mailbox and seeing something from the Internal Revenue Service can make your heart stop. Many letters that the IRS sends are fairly troublesome news. These include things like adjustments to your taxes that lead to you owing money and audit notices. For...

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IRS tax audit mistakes to avoid

Many taxpayers in Georgia will experience an IRS audit in their lifetime. An audit means the IRS has rejected the return for a reason, such as suspicions about income or errors. An audit notice naturally causes panic, but taxpayers shouldn't be so hasty as to make...

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What to know about IRS audits

Tax audits might happen in Georgia due to suspicions of tax fraud, such as for deductions, or errors. In these situations, the IRS may contact the taxpayer to get an explanation. If the IRS is still suspicious, it will send out an audit notice. There are several types...

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Common audit myths

Millions of Americans in Georgia and the rest of the United States are concerned about the risk of tax audits. However, there are several myths surrounding audits. While many filers may fear a sense of dread about being audited, only a fraction may actually be...

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IRS audit timelines

As a general rule, the IRS has three years to audit a Georgia resident's tax return. However, the IRS has six years to audit a tax return if an individual failed to report at least 25% of his or her income. The government also has six years to audit a return if a...

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