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Tax Law

How much should you be saving for taxes?

If you're an independent contractor, then you have one thing to remember: You have to save money for your taxes. It's easy to spend all the money you have coming in, but you should be saving enough money to pay your taxes quarterly or yearly, depending on how much you...

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IRS underpayment: penalties you may face

One of the rules that the IRS has in regards to taxes is that everyone in Georgia and around the nation must pay their federal income tax throughout the year. Some workers may already have these taxes withheld from their paycheck while others who are self-employed may...

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Tax audits vary greatly in seriousness

Opening the mailbox and seeing something from the Internal Revenue Service can make your heart stop. Many letters that the IRS sends are fairly troublesome news. These include things like adjustments to your taxes that lead to you owing money and audit notices. For...

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How does a federal tax lien work?

Paying tax debts sometimes proves challenging. A Georgia taxpayer might owe a significant amount of money and does not pay the IRS when the agency attempts to collect. Sometimes, the IRS may respond with a federal tax lien. Anyone dealing facing threats of a lien for...

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