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What are your rights as a taxpayer?

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Dealing with taxes is no fun. If your return has any mistakes, you may find yourself facing refund delays at best and an audit at worst. No one likes going through the auditing process or interacting with the IRS in any other way. However, did you know that you have rights as a taxpayer? Knowing what they are can help you ensure your protection. 

The IRS has compiled a list of your 10 rights. This Taxpayer Bill of Rights includes the following securities:

  1. Privacy: The IRS can only invade your life so much. It must also follow all laws concerning search and seizure and due process. 
  2. Confidentiality: Unless you give permission or the law requires disclosure, the information you give to the IRS must remain confidential. Also, if your employer or tax preparer breaks confidentiality, the person must face legal consequences.
  3. Quality service: The IRS has to treat you professionally and respectfully. You can ask to speak to a supervisor, as well.
  4. Information: Tax law can be confusing, but this is no excuse for the IRS to keep you in the dark. You have a right to clear, accurate information concerning tax requirements and IRS procedures, decisions and outcomes.
  5. Fair system: The IRS needs to be fair in its assessment of your circumstances. You can also request assistance with tax matters.
  6. Correct payment: You only have to pay what you owe, though it may include interest and penalties.
  7. Challenge the IRS: If you disagree with something, you can object it directly by providing the IRS with documentation. The IRS must review your objection and respond to it.
  8. Appeal: You also have permission to appeal IRS decisions, including in court.
  9. Representation:  You do not have to deal with the IRS on your own; you have the right to legal representation.
  10. Finality: The IRS should tell you all deadlines, including how long you have to challenge a decision or how long the IRS has to audit you. 

By utilizing professional tax services, you may be able to avoid having to deal with the IRS. If you still do, remember your right to legal representation.

We insist that your taxpayer rights are protected and your options are known.

Our services are confidential and are protected under the attorney-client privilege as allowed by law.