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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Finding the best attorney to help with taxes

When tax season comes around people will want to know how to find the right tax attorney for their needs.

When tax season comes around, it is important to have documents and information in order. What happens when you did not keep detailed records and the Internal Revenue Service requires you to produce them? What happens when you do not have the ability to pay? What happens when your business has employment tax issues? What happens when the Georgia Department of Revenue contacts your business about sales and use taxes? An attorney who specializes in tax law can change the outcome when facing tax situations. How is the knowledge and experience of a skilled Georgia tax lawyer essential?

When to hire a tax attorney

Imagine this situation. You or your business receive a notice about your tax return or tax liability. Should you call the Internal Revenue Service to discuss the notice? What questions will the Internal Revenue Service ask? Are you required to answer? A tax attorney can communicate for you with attorney-client privilege. A tax attorney can accurately determine if you are paying the correct amount of tax. Did a tax return contain “red flags” that triggered an examination? Can these “red flags” be minimized in the future? If there is a balance, a tax attorney can guide you through the many options for repayment.

If you are facing an international tax issue, a tax attorney can help. The complicated legal matters of international business can involve tax treatment and disclosure of assets. Strict adherence to this complex set of tax laws is essential.

Even if you are not facing an issue now, a tax attorney can create a plan to avoid issues, such as creating a new business entity to operate with compliance and efficiency under the law.

General tips for finding an attorney

Choose a tax attorney who is trusted and has reviews to support claims of successful representation. Factors for consideration when choosing a tax representative:

  • Does the attorney respond knowledgeably to your questions? Remember that person will be your “voice” in front of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • What experience does the attorney have with working through similar issues that you may be facing? How often has the attorney addressed this type of issue? Does it seem that the attorney is attempting to “steer” you toward a particular option? Are you being promised a particular result?
  • Will you be working with an experienced attorney or a legal assistant? Who will be handling your matter? Who can you count on?

Whether starting a business, combating aggressive collection efforts, or just looking for advice, an experienced tax attorney should be equipped to address fluid and dynamic tax law. Working with government entities to resolve tax matters is not designed for a “first timer”. IRS actions can be swift and harsh. Maximize your chance of working through the issue with a dedicated tax attorney.