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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Pay Your Taxes Off Over Time While Avoiding Harsh Collection Measures

Many people do not have the resources to write a check to satisfy their entire tax debt. Others have money tied up in retirement accounts, college savings plans or investment properties.

If you cannot pay the full amount of your tax debt in a lump sum, an IRS installment plan may be the answer. We can help you negotiate a plan you can afford and tell the IRS to back off.

Contact The Peck Group, LC, to discuss your options in a free half-hour consultation with a tax lawyer.

Knowledge Is Power — Discover Your Payment Plan Options

Many taxpayers do not realize that an IRS payment plan is even an option. A general lack of knowledge about tax law and a fear of dealing with the IRS work in favor of the government. Be informed. Do not allow the IRS to seize your assets through unreasonable collection actions.

We’re Here To Help You Get Tax Relief, Not Just Process Your Plan

If you owe taxes, an IRS payment plan may be your best option — or it may not. We will not just process your request, but consider your individual situation and recommend an effective strategy to overcome your tax debt. We may be able to negotiate not just a payment plan, but a settlement of your tax debt for less than what the IRS says you owe.

Proper preparation and experienced negotiation are essential for success with the IRS. After an experienced tax attorney analyzes your situation, we will clearly explain all of your options, including negotiating a payment plan. Then, we will present your situation to the IRS in a way most favorable to you.

Contact Us Now To Discuss An IRS Payment Plan

Let The Peck Group, LC, assert your rights as a taxpayer. Every case is different. To learn how we can help, arrange a free half-hour consultation as soon as you receive notice from the IRS. Call 770-884-6914 or contact us online now.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we represent people nationwide who have tax issues involving the IRS.