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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Do Not Ignore An IRS Bank Or Wage Levy Notice

When you owe taxes, penalties and interest, you may feel overwhelmed and powerless. Many people ignore IRS notices and wait for some supposed better time to act. Others freeze and do nothing at all.

The IRS Never Forgets — Do Not Ignore It

Eventually, those same people discover that their wages, bank accounts and retirement savings have been seized “unexpectedly.” The IRS located their assets through various databases and determined which of those assets were best for liquidation.

An IRS bank or wage levy can disrupt your life and make your financial problems worse. It can leave you without any money to pay your basic living expenses. It is a crisis situation that requires immediate attention. Contact us now for a free half-hour consultation with a tax attorney.

Prompt Legal Help For IRS Bank And Wage Levies

Bank and wage levy cases are typically the most critical situations for our clients. When your income and assets are seized, it can affect your ability to pay day-to-day expenses and keep up on other necessary bills, and it can hurt your credit rating, making it harder and costlier to borrow. Immediate action is essential once an IRS levy is filed.

There are other ways to satisfy your tax debt besides letting the IRS take your paychecks, your retirement savings or your children’s college funds. The IRS uses these tactics because they are effective, but an attorney from The Peck Group, LC, can put you on a different collection track — and often reduce the total amount you have to repay.

Every case is unique. Some cases are resolved when we determine that you never owed the tax in the first place. Other cases involve negotiating a settlement or establishing a payment plan. Even a threat of levy requires decisive action to avoid an inevitable and uncomfortable outcome.

You Have Legal Rights And Options | Contact A Lawyer Immediately

Tax attorney Jason Peck has been helping clients who are the subject of IRS bank and wage levies since 1995. By promptly analyzing your situation and pursuing the most effective course in your case, we may achieve a levy release and restore your access to your assets and income.

To learn more, contact our office online or at 770-884-6914 for a free half-hour consultation about handling IRS levies or resolving other IRS tax problems. The Peck Group, LC, is located in Atlanta, Georgia, but represents clients in IRS cases throughout the nation.