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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Getting The IRS To Withdraw Your Tax Lien

At The Peck Group, LC, our goal is to help individuals and businesses resolve their tax issues quickly and efficiently. Clients often come to us when a tax lien has been imposed by the IRS. We have significant experience negotiating with the IRS to have tax liens released or withdrawn in a way that benefits our client in addition to the agency.

A tax lien may itself stand in the way of your ability to pay the taxes you owe. Contact us online now or call our firm at 770-884-6914 to discuss your options in a free half-hour consultation.

Individual And Business Tax Lien Withdrawal Services

A lien against your business or personal assets essentially keeps you from borrowing against or selling those assets until the tax is paid. That might merely be annoying — or it might cause major disruption by interfering with your cash flow.

IRS tax liens are generally not released until 30 days after your tax bill is satisfied, but having the lien withdrawn by the agency is also an option. Although this does not rid you of the underlying tax debt, having the lien withdrawn is beneficial in several ways. For one thing, a withdrawn tax lien leaves no record of it ever having been filed — meaning it no longer need affect your credit. This is a benefit you would not obtain if the lien was released.

Our services in this area include:

  • Determining if a tax lien notice was premature
  • Determining if it was filed in accordance with proper IRS procedure
  • Negotiating with the IRS to satisfy the liability (and documenting all agreements)
  • Establishing that withdrawal is in our client’s and the IRS’ best interests

Our firm takes the time with each of our clients to help them gain an understanding of the services we offer and the process that must be followed.

Preventing Problems With The IRS After The Lien Is Withdrawn

During our many years of practice, we have helped numerous businesses and individuals prevent or resolve problems that often arise when tax lien withdrawals are not handled by an experienced tax lawyer.

In some cases, for example, clients have had to make multiple attempts to get the lien withdrawn. Since a lien withdrawal can be obtained without resolving the underlying tax liability, the IRS will continue seeking to collect the tax, so without careful communication and an alternative plan for payment, the agency might simply file the lien again.

Contact Us Now To Discuss Your Options

The Peck Group, LC, offers a free half-hour initial consultation regarding tax liens or resolving IRS tax debts generally. Contact us online or call 770-884-6914 to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced tax attorneys.