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Am I Eligible For Innocent Spouse Relief?

  • Has the IRS demanded payment from you on a joint tax return that you disagree with?
  • Were you unaware that your spouse failed to report income or exaggerated deductions?
  • Did you sign a joint tax return without knowing its contents or under the belief the tax was paid?
  • Did your spouse forge your signature on a tax return?
  • Did your spouse earn income through gambling or illegal sources?
  • Did you receive little or no benefit from your spouse’s income?
  • Were you separated, divorced or living apart during the tax year in question?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may qualify for reduction or complete elimination of taxes, penalties and interest under innocent spouse relief. This can mean a clean credit rating, no tax liens and levies, and wages and bank accounts free from the tax collector.

Key Deadlines For Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

Innocent spouse relief is not automatic. First and foremost, a request must be filed with the IRS within the agency’s deadline. The process can be confusing, but any number of facts or issues could lead to your claim being denied. Only by following proper procedures and identifying the key facts of your case will you achieve your goal.

An Experienced Tax Lawyer Can Make The Difference

Attorney Jason Peck of The Peck Group, LC, has a 20-year record of achieving innocent spouse relief for many clients. We know that listening to our clients is paramount to making a successful claim.

When you work with our firm, we will take the time to listen and ask you the essential questions so that crucial facts will be uncovered. You can rely on us to navigate the detailed IRS procedures and present our most effective case for relief.

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