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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
Free 30 minute telephone consultation
Comprehensive Tax Law Representation Since 1995
We handle every aspect of tax law: preparing tax returns, representing clients during audits, resolving IRS and state tax controversies, and creating tax planning strategies for the future.
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Experienced Tax And Business Law Representation

Filing taxes can be a bewildering process on its own, yet a correct return is often not enough to ensure that you have not overpaid or missed a strategic opportunity. When disputes arise, it often feels as if the government has all the power.

Taxpayers have rights, too. At The Peck Group, LC, our goal is to protect your rights while maximizing your tax outcome, and we have been doing just that for business and individual taxpayers since 1995.

We attribute our firm’s success in part to our focus on taxation and a select number of legal issues related to taxation. With 30 years of experience in state and federal tax law, we are prepared to handle even the most complex or unusual tax controversy. Contact us today for a free, half-hour consultation with a lawyer.

Our practice includes:

Resolution of IRS tax debts, including excessive penalties and interest charges, through agency appeals, litigation and representation before the U.S. Tax Court:

  • Negotiated settlements
  • Payment plans
  • Offers in compromise
  • Withdrawn or released tax liens
  • Removal of wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Relief of tax liability for innocent spouses, victims of identity theft and others

Representation in tax audits brought by the IRS and state-level tax authorities

Current and amended tax return preparation, including for those with unfiled returns from multiple years

Business employment taxation, including:

  • Classifying workers as employees vs. independent contractors
  • Avoiding trust fund recovery penalties and personal liability for payroll taxes

State tax issues, including avoiding personal liability for Georgia’s sales and use tax

Tax planning for individuals and organizations:

Put Your Tax Problem In Experienced Hands: Contact Us Now

Whatever your question or concern, an attorney from The Peck Group, LC, will explain the law, outline your options and ensure that you understand what to expect. Schedule a free, half-hour consultation: Contact us online or call 770-884-6914.