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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Responding To An Audit Through An In-Person Interview

While an audit does not automatically indicate an issue or problem, most taxpayers rightfully feel stress and anxiety when they receive an audit notice from the IRS. The agency will manage the audit either by mail or in person.

At The Peck Group, LC, our tax attorneys help clients in Georgia and across the nation deal with in-person IRS audits by reviewing and preparing all the necessary documentation while advising on best practices moving forward.

Responding Smartly To An In-Person Audit

Initially, IRS examiners want to meet taxpayers in their home or their place of business. Once our firm is retained, we will meet with or communicate directly with the IRS, often without taxpayers’ direct involvement, in our offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

In support of taxpayer positions, our attorneys will present relevant and impactful documentation. That documentation can include:

  • Receipts
  • Contracts and loan agreements
  • Bank statements
  • Legal documents, including any relating to property acquisition and more
  • Employment documents

Often the documentation alone does not satisfy the IRS examiner. Discussion of tax law and the specific facts of a case is required. In some cases, the examiner takes an unreasonable position or disregards the validity of the provided documentation. To the inexperienced, this situation creates the “what are my options at this point?” question. Our tax lawyers can help you determine the necessary response. We understand (and the taxpayer should understand) that the IRS is building a case to support its eventual position from the first contact with a taxpayer. Therefore, it is essential that a taxpayer provides the IRS with only necessary and responsive information from the outset. Disclosure of extra information can often lead to expanded examination.

With over 30 years of combined legal and tax experience, we know how to resolve these difficult and stressful situations. Call our firm first before beginning an examination or audit.

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Have you received an IRS notice or are you worried about an in-person audit? Call The Peck Group, LC, at 770-884-6914 or contact us online right away to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We represent clients nationwide in IRS audits from our law offices in Atlanta, Georgia.