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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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United States Tax Court Representation

When all other remedies to resolve a tax issue are exhausted, individuals or businesses may be eligible to bring their problem before the U.S. Tax Court. This court acts as final authority on all issues Congress has authorized it to hear. This encompasses many issues, and The Peck Group, LC, has experience bringing complex or complicated tax issues before the U.S. Tax Court.

Our experienced tax attorneys work diligently to resolve IRS tax problems directly, but agreement is not always possible. In these instances, we will ensure that the IRS issues a notice or report that allows you or your business to file a petition in the U.S. Tax Court. Once your petition is received and your case is set to be heard, The Peck Group, LC, will work hard to protect your rights and make sure that you are afforded all the protections and due process the system has in place.

Contact us online today or call 770-884-6914 to schedule a free half-hour consultation with a tax lawyer about an appeal before the U.S. Tax Court.

What Issues Does The U.S. Tax Court Resolve?

The U.S. Tax Court’s jurisdiction is limited, but The Peck Group, LC, has successfully resolved multiple tax-related issues in our clients’ favor. For example, the U.S. Tax Court can (1) review if the IRS determined the correct and accurate amount of taxes that you owe, (2) stop IRS assessments and collection efforts, (3) order the IRS to pay refunds, and (4) evaluate any innocent spouse claims.

You will receive immediate benefits when you file a petition, including:

  • Having your case heard prior to making a tax payment
  • Freezing all IRS collection activities while the case is pending
  • Having your case heard by judges with special expertise in federal tax law

Exhaust All Other Remedies Before Petitioning

Before we petition the U.S. Tax Court to hear your case, however, we must exhaust all available administrative remedies that are available. This includes presenting and arguing your case to the IRS, review by an IRS tax manager and review by an independent appeals officer. If your case involves the collection of a tax, we will try to establish collection alternatives such as an IRS payment plan or an offer in compromise.

Administrative remedies typically save time and money, but The Peck Group, LC, is prepared to take your case to the highest authority when we believe it is in your best interests.

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