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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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We handle every aspect of tax law: preparing tax returns, representing clients during audits, resolving IRS and state tax controversies, and creating tax planning strategies for the future.
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We Can Prepare Your Individual Or Business Tax Returns

Individual income tax preparation can be overwhelming and confusing — it is difficult to keep all of the tax credits, exemptions and tax write-offs straight, especially if there have been any significant changes or events in your life in the past year.

The IRS is diligent; even a simple mistake in tax preparation or filing has the potential to cause the IRS to choose your tax return for audit. Further, failing to file your return on time will cause penalties and interest to accrue, and not filing at all can make things even more complicated.

Work With An Experienced Tax Attorney

You can rely on the knowledge and experience of The Peck Group, LC, to avoid tax return errors and other problems with tax preparation.

For tax assistance, contact The Peck Group, LC, today.

Put Your Mind At Ease — Have Your Taxes Prepared By A Lawyer

At The Peck Group, LC, we understand individual and business income tax requirements, available credits, and exemptions.

Tax preparation attorney Jason Peck has more than 20 years of experience preparing business and personal income taxes as well as representing the rights and interests of taxpayers in tax audits. Experience working through IRS tax audits benefits our clients during preparation of their tax returns.

Hiring a knowledgeable, experienced tax attorney will allow you to avoid the stress of tax preparation, as well as problems that inadequate tax preparation could cause in the future. Detailed attention to your tax situation will identify red flags that could increase your chance of an audit. Finally, as a benefit of effective tax preparation, our firm will identify legal “tax efficiencies” that could reduce your tax burden.

Benefits Of Hiring A Tax Lawyer Over A CPA

Representation by an experienced tax attorney can provide you with protections and advantages not available from a CPA or enrolled agent. Call our office to find out about those advantages. For example, only a limited number of accountant-client communications are protected under federal and state laws.

Only representation by an attorney provides you with the more substantial protections of the attorney-client privilege.

For tax assistance, contact an Atlanta tax preparation lawyer today by calling 770-884-6914 or reaching us online. We can help you with tax prep and filing income tax returns.