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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Lawyers With Experience In State Sales And Use Tax

Georgia law states that an individual responsible for a business’s failure to pay the proper sales and use tax faces individual liability for the same debt. Georgia’s sales and use tax laws are complex and often confusing to even the most adept business professionals.

At The Peck Group, LC, we can help you and your business resolve all tax-related issues in a cost-efficient manner, as well as address any compliance issues that triggered review by the taxing authority.

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Understanding Georgia’s Sales And Use Tax

Georgia’s sales and use tax is complicated and ever evolving. At The Peck Group, LC, our focus is tax law, so we are up to date on the most recent changes that could affect your business and its tax liability.

Our attorneys have significant experience working with the Georgia Department of Revenue, and our firm has successfully negotiated alternatives to collection efforts against individuals on many occasions. Other services that we provide include:

  • Representation during a sales and use tax audit
  • Identifying unclaimed refunds
  • Counsel for underpayment or undercollection
  • Identifying prior tax period liability
  • Identifying ongoing compliance issues and advise on best practices
  • Trust fund recover penalty representation

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