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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Assisting Clients With IRS Tax Debt Resolution Matters

If you or your business has received an IRS notice regarding unpaid taxes, you may not know how to respond. What if you disagree with the agency’s decision? What if the amount the IRS claims you owe is more than you can easily pay or it has assessed an astronomical amount in penalties and interest? If you do not pay what it says you owe, you could face its harsh, disruptive collection tactics.

You do not have to face the IRS alone. Regardless of whether it was your mistake or theirs and whether you filed late or did not file at all, The Peck Group, LC, can provide real options. Since 2002, we have been resolving IRS tax disputes for businesses and individuals in Atlanta, throughout the Southeast and across the nation. Contact us now to schedule a free half-hour consultation.

Having a tax lawyer at your side when you deal with the IRS changes the balance of power. Unlike a CPA, an attorney is a trained advocate, and we are committed to protecting your rights as a taxpayer — and the confidentiality of our services is protected by lawyer-client privilege.

Real Options For Reducing Or Resolving Federal Tax Debt

Your attorney from The Peck Group, LC, will assess your situation and use a variety of strategies to protect you from undue tax liability, reduce the amount you owe, limit the penalties and interest, and get tax liens and levies released or withdrawn. If your situation calls for an appeal, we can represent you at every stage, including:

  • Disputing the amount the IRS claims you owe
  • Negotiating a realistic installment plan to allow you to pay your tax debt over time
  • If reasonable cause exists, negotiating a settlement for less than what you owe
  • Negotiating an offer in compromise for a fraction of your debt
  • Requesting an abatement of your penalties
  • Obtaining relief for an innocent spouse or a victim of identity theft
  • Canceling bank or wage levies/wage garnishment
  • Getting tax liens released or even withdrawn entirely
  • Seeking official noncollectible status after bankruptcy or for taxpayers who cannot pay at all
  • Filing IRS appeals
  • Appealing to federal courts, including the United States Tax Court

Contact Us Now To Get Started

Every dispute with the IRS has a solution. Call The Peck Group, LC, at 770-884-6914 or contact us online to schedule a free half-hour consultation.