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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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It Is Possible To Reduce IRS Penalties And Interest

The IRS charges penalties and interest for many reasons. Maybe you filed a late tax return or did not file a return at all. Maybe you were audited and the IRS determined that you understated your income on a return. Whatever the reason, IRS penalties and interest can be greater than the total amount of the original tax.

The IRS pursues the collection of penalties and interest just as aggressively as the original tax. Your wages and bank accounts can be levied and tax liens can be filed. However, you do have options. Contact an attorney at The Peck Group, LC, to discuss them. We offer a free half-hour consultation.

Are You Being Penalized Despite Reasonable Cause?

Is there a reason that an IRS penalty should not apply to you? Has your tax liability been calculated incorrectly? If your answer was yes, you may have a basis to have the penalties removed. Special circumstances that may qualify for relief include:

  • Reliance on incorrect advice from the IRS
  • Reliance on a bad accountant or a tax adviser
  • Death or serious health condition suffered by a family member
  • Mental or physical illness
  • Drug or related dependency problems
  • Extended military service

Numerous other circumstances may result in removal of an IRS tax penalty. The outcome of each case can vary depending upon how your case is presented. The combination of detailed documentation of your unique circumstances and a detailed understanding of tax law and IRS regulations could be critical to your success.

The Peck Group, LC, represents clients who face mounting penalties and interest. Let us analyze your circumstances, establish a workable plan to minimize IRS penalties and interest, and settle your IRS debt once and for all.

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