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Free 30 minute telephone consultation
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Identity Thieves Often Use Tax Returns And IRS Scams

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America, affecting millions of honest taxpayers each year. If you have been a victim of identity theft, take immediate action to prevent further criminal abuse and get your finances back under your control.

At The Peck Group, LC, in Atlanta, we offer nationwide assistance to victims of identity theft and fraudulently filed tax returns. You will not have to deal with the IRS and other authorities alone. Our experienced tax lawyers will aggressively pursue the proper remedies and will be by your side throughout the process. Together, we will put an end to the criminal use of your identity and advise you on how to prevent problems down the road.

Contact us online today and schedule a free half-hour consultation with our firm. You may also call 770-884-6914 to learn more about our nationwide service and how we can help.

Resolution When Thieves File Fraudulent Tax Returns In Your Name

A thief can use your identity to fraudulently file a tax return in your name and claim a refund. Typically, your Social Security number is stolen and used to file a false return and claim an inflated refund. With prominent data breaches and leaks relating to well-known companies, you may not even be aware that your personal information has been compromised.

In other cases, criminals steal your login for an online tax return and divert your refund to their own account. If this is done quickly and cleverly enough, months may pass before you realize something is wrong.

When you hire The Peck Group, LC, our team will work directly with the IRS to resolve all fraudulent tax return matters and help you avoid any delays in recovering your identity and your rightful tax refund. We will complete and submit an IRS identity theft affidavit and help you take advantage of new IRS procedures established to more effectively combat identity theft, including:

  • Navigating the new governance structure to oversee identity theft
  • New quality review processes to ensure identity theft matters are resolved properly
  • Improved procedures in the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit

Our attorneys realize how troubling it is to have your identity stolen. As an honest taxpayer, you do not want to deal with extended delays while waiting for your tax refund. You also want the peace of mind knowing that the identity thief cannot use your personal information for further criminal purposes. Speak to The Peck Group, LC, to obtain that peace of mind.

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